Immigration Medical Exam Process in Ottawa

Panel Physician Medical Exam Process in Ottawa

Our Panel Physicians will guide you through the process of your Immigration Medical Exam from start to finish. 

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Immigration Medical Exam Process

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will provide you with instructions on when to get your medical exam done. Once you receive the instructions, follow the steps below. If you don’t follow these instructions, the Government of Canada may refuse your application. 

IMPORTANT: As a patient, you have the right to bring a chaperone during the visit.


You book an appointment at our clinic.

Contact one of our clinics to book your Immigration Medical Examination with one of our Panel Physicians. Be sure to schedule an appointment that meets Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada timelines. 


You visit our clinic for your Immigration Medical Exam.

The complete immigration medical exam is done at our centre. We also provide urine and blood testing, and have an x-ray clinic in our building so you can complete the additional testing you need in one location. You are required to pay for your exam on the day of your appointment. 


We submit your exam results online to the government.

Once your complete immigration medical exam is done, we electronically send the results to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. We will also give you a document with your case number (IME/UMI) to confirm that you have completed your exam. Reports are submitted within 5-10 business days of your exam.

Notes Regarding Your Exam

Timing: You must get your exam within 30 days of receiving these instructions.

Refugee Claim: If you are making a refugee claim, a Canadian Border Services Officer will tell you to get a medical exam within 30 days.

Express Entry Program: If you’re applying with the Express Entry Program, you must first apply and once immigration has reviewed your case you will be notified if a medical exam is needed. 

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Included In Your Exam

All Canadian medical exams for immigration must be completed by a registered Panel Doctor and include the following (dependent on age):

  • Health assessment
  • Chest X-ray
  • Vision, urine, and blood test

These services are all available at our clinic and included in one exam fee.

Government Links

For more information about the exam requirements, visit the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website:

Permanent Residents        Visitors, Students & Workers

What To Bring To The Exam

Click on a link below for a list of items to bring to your exam.

What Happens During the Exam

Click below to learn what happens before, after, and during your exam.


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  • Dr. Max Della Zazzera and his staff are superb and extremely accommodating. They are very knowledgeable about medical exam procedures for varying countries, and they will do their utmost to ensure that you have everything required for your application.
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