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How To Purchase A Copy Of Your Report

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When can you order a copy of your report?

You can order a copy of report AFTER it has been submitted by us to the government. We typically file reports to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada within 7-10 days following the date of your exam. 

How do you know if your report has been submitted?

You can click here to check if your report has been submitted to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Do I have to purchase a copy of the report before you send it to the Government?

No. Purchasing your report is not required. We will send your exam report to the government directly, whether you purchase a copy or not.

How long will it take for you to send me the report after I buy it?

We will send your report via email as a password secured PDF attachment 2-3 business days after your place your oder.  Your password will be your IME/UMI number.

Other Important Information

  1. If you place an order for your report before it has been submitted it will result in a significant delay in processing time.  We kindly request that you wait 10 days following your medical before placing an order for your report.
  2. You will need your IME/UMI case number during checkout.  





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  • Dr. Max is the nicest doctor I have ever seen. He was very respectful, positive, and inspiring to talk with. He was very modern with his perspective on mental health issues and understanding. He is very patient and re-assuring when it comes to Visa application information. I wish there were more doctors like this man!
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