How to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit

If you are looking to study for a period longer than six months at the post-secondary level in Canada, you will need a study permit. Here, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration physicians share some information about how to get a study permit in Canada and what the requirements will be.

How to Apply For a Study Permit in Canada

A Canadian study permit is a document that is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (IRCC) for post-secondary students who wish to study in Canada. There will be a document number on your study permit. This number will be required by the educational institution when filling out your paperwork and also acts as your travel document number.

What are the requirements for a Canadian study permit?

The two main requirements when applying for a study permit in Canada are a letter of acceptance to a Canadian university and proof of funds. Along with proof of funds, you will also need to pay the fees for the student visa application.

When is a Canadian study permit not needed?

There are some cases when a study permit will not be required. Some of these instances are:

  • Preschool Registration
  • Distance Learning (E-Learning) Courses
  • Settlement/Integration Courses
  • Audit Courses (Credits Not Awarded)
  • Tourist Activity Courses
  • General Interest/Non-Academic Courses Completed in Less Than Six Months
  • Any Program That Takes Less Than Six Months to Complete

Those in the armed forces or family members of political representatives from certain foreign countries can register in post-secondary classes without a work permit, even if staying longer than six months.

Once you have completed your post-secondary education, you may be able to apply for a Canadian work permit.

Can a student bring any family with them while they study in Canada?

If you have a spouse or common-law partner, they may be able to obtain an open work permit while you are both in Canada. If you have any children who are minors they will also be able to attend school or preschool in Canada during this time.

How do you submit your application for a student visa?

For those wondering how to get a student visa in Canada, the process will depend on the country you originate from. The Canadian government lists all of the information that you may need on its official website.

The steps to the Express Entry process are as follows:

Student Visa Requirements For Canada

There is a list of requirements for anyone who is looking to apply for a work permit in Canada such as:

  • Receive a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution.
  • Show proof of funds showing the ability to cover all your expenses including food and transportation.
  • Prove that you will leave Canada by the end of your study permit.
  • Be legally able to enter Canada.

There may be more requirements needed before you can successfully obtain your study permit.

Minimum Funds Required to Obtain a Study Permit

You need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are able to support both yourself and any family members that enter 
Canada with you for the duration of your study permit.

Some of the methods for providing proof of funds include:

  • Information pertaining to a Canadian bank account and the amount of money contained.
  • GIC/Guaranteed Investment Certificate from a participating and reputable Canadian bank.
  • Provide proof that you received a student loan from the bank.
  • A few month's worth of bank statements.
  • A bank draft that is either in Canadian dollars or can be converted to American.
  • Receipts or proof of tuition or housing costs paid by you.
  • A letter outlining money given to you from a person or the school.
  • Proof of funds from within Canada, either a scholarship or a Canadian-funded educational program.

Studying in Quebec

Students looking to attend post-secondary in Quebec will be presented with their own set of requirements, most notably a difference in fees. 

If you are planning to apply through the province of Quebec you will need a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (certificat d’acceptation du Quebec, or CAQ) before being allowed to begin studying. Typically this comes with slower times and requires some extra fees.

The CAQ is typically valid for 49 months or until the end of your studies, whichever is shorter.

Immigration Medical Exams For Students

Depending on the field that you wish to study, you may be required to complete an Immigration Medical Exam. Speak with our panel physicians to learn more about the immigration medical exam process and what to expect.

Are you in the process of acquiring a student visa? please contact us at Immigration Physician Ottawa today to schedule your Immigration Medical Exam.


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