Find a Job in Canada for Newcomers

If you are considering applying for permanent residency in Canada, then your first step will likely be to find employment. In this post, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration physicians share some tips on how to find a job in Canada as an immigrant and other useful information about the job search process.

Finding a Job for Immigrants in Canada

There are a number of methods for finding employment within Canada as an immigrant. After all, for most people looking to make Canada their home, finding a job is a crucial step.

One of the most important things to remember when job searching, is that this is only one of the steps when in the process of moving to Canada. Your prospective employer will also need to complete a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The LMIA allows employers who receive a positive or neutral outcome to hire a foreign national as long as they can prove that they were unable to find a suitable Canadian to fill the position.

The LMIA can be used to help obtain a work permit for you to work for the company as well as add 50 or 200 points to the Comprehensive Ranking System Score if you are in Express Entry.

Ways to look for a job in Canada

There are a number of ways that you can search for jobs for immigrants in Canada. These can include:

  • Immigration-based organizations that offer:
    • Resume workshops
    • Training for job searches
    • Additional services
  • Research companies that you are interested in working for by:
    • Reviewing their websites and looking at active job postings
    • Call the company directly to ask about available positions
  • Local job fairs which give you an opportunity to speak directly with managers and owners
  • Take a look at the classified listings and online job search sites
    • Job Bank has a growing list of available jobs in Canada
    • lists available federal public service jobs
  • Employment agencies that can look for jobs for you
    • Your local Service Canada Centre can help with government employment services and training
  • Talk to the people you know
    • There are many jobs that don't post advertisements
    • Talking to your personal connections can help you learn about job opportunities

Applying For Jobs in Canada

Once you find job opportunities that you are interested in, you will then:

  • Send a cover letter which outlines how you are a great fit for the job
  • Your resume which:
    • May also be referred to as a “curriculum vitae” or a C.V.
    • Contains a list of all of your previous work and volunteer experience, education and qualifications

Once you've applied for jobs, employers who are interested in potentially hiring you will then invite you for an interview. The main purpose of this interview is to give the employer the opportunity to meet with you face-to-face and ask any follow-up questions. During this interview, you will also be able to ask questions, learn more about the job you are applying for, and make your final decision on whether the job would be a good fit.

Don't be discouraged if you don't hear back from the first job opportunity that you send a resume to. It is common for job-seekers to send many resumes before being invited for an interview.

If you have a successful interview and the employer has decided to hire you, they will send you a formal job offer.

Important things to consider when looking for jobs in Canada for Immigrants

You've had your interview, and the company has sent you a formal job offer. Now what?

You will then need to ensure that the job is regulated in Canada. If the job is regulated, then you will likely need to show proof that you are licensed to work in Canada. Jobs in Canada are typically regulated at the provincial level, so you should check with the provincial professional body for this information.

Another important thing to consider when accepting job offers is whether the job will eventually allow you to apply for permanent residency. Not every job in Canada is at a high enough skill level to qualify for this purpose.

Since your end goal will generally be to reside in Canada permanently, this is an important consideration.

Tips for finding a job in Canada

  1. Build a solid resume
  2. Don't send the same resume to every available job listing
  3. Keep a contact for each application and send thank-you emails
  4. Obtain employment references to support your resume
  5. Use LinkedIn and other professional networking tools
  6. Learn how to network successfully
  7. Accept help when it is offered and be gracious
  8. Be sure to have the necessary accreditations
  9. Check your local library for resources
  10. Believe in yourself. You can do this!

There are a number of ways to find immigration jobs in Canada. Keep in mind that there is a process and that it may take some time. Remaining diligent and continuing to expand on your skills, knowledge and connections throughout the job search will go a long way toward your success. Speak with our team at Immigration Physician Ottawa to learn more about finding a job and moving to Canada and to schedule your Immigration Medical Examination.

If you need to schedule an exam required for employment or for your immigration medical exam, contact us at Immigration Physician Ottawa today to schedule an appointment.


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