How Long Visitors Can Stay in Canada: Insights from Our Panel Physicians

Whether you're touring some of Canada's many stunningly beautiful cities, visiting friends or family or to learn more about the country and whether a permanent move is a good idea, millions of people visit Canada annually. Here, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration panel physicians discuss how long visitors can stay in Canada. 

Since 2014, the Canadian government has put significant effort into encouraging young, skilled workers to immigrate to Canada and make our country their home. With the immigration process becoming faster and more efficient, you may decide to visit Canada and learn about the opportunities available. 

Canada has agreements with some countries to allow their citizens and permanent residents to visit Canada without a visitor visa. 

Unless you are from a visa-exempt country, you'll need a visitor visa (sometimes also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa or TRV) to enter Canada. If you're applying for a work permit or study permit, this TRV will be included as part of your application. That said, if you only want to come to Canada to visit, you'll need to apply for the visitor visa specifically. 

Our IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) approved panel physicians in Ottawa and Orleans provide Immigration Medical Exams will discuss 

What You'll Need to Visit If You're From a Country That is Not Visa-Exempt

There are two types of visitor visas you can get for Canada: single-entry and multiple-entry. 

Single Entry 

This type of visitor visa allows foreign nationals to enter Canada once. 

Multiple Entry

Foreign nationals with visas can enter and exit as often as they'd like within the valid timeframe of their visa. A visitor visa can be granted for up to six months, so you'll be allowed to remain in the country for half a year. However, the immigration officer handling your case will decide the duration of your visa. 

Super Visa

You may qualify for a super visa for parents and grandparents if you have children or grandchildren living in Canada. This multiple-entry Visa lets you to say in the country for up to two years at a time, allowing you more time with your loved ones. 

You'll have the option to extend your visitor visa from inside Canada only if your temporary status is still valid. Staying in Canada with an expired visitor visa and no extension application that's in process can jeopardize future immigration applications. If you complete the extension application before your visa expires, you can remain in Canada under implied status until the application has been processed. 

What You'll Need to Visit If You're from a Visa-Exempt Country

If you are travelling to Canada from a visa-exempt country, you will not require a visitor visa to cross into this country. Visa-exempt visitors can enter Canada for a period of up to six months. 

Travelling to Canada by airplane from a visa-exempt country? You must hold an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) issued by the Canadian government. Visa-exempt travellers entering Canada by sea or land will not need an eTA. 

Citizens of the United States can travel into and out of Canada with just a valid U.S. passport, and will not need an eTA. 

To apply for an eTA, visit the Government of Canada's website, enter the requested information, and pay a $7 fee. Most eTA applications are processed in just a few minutes. However, this can take several days in some cases, so it's best to apply well before your scheduled flight. If approved, your eTA will remain valid for five years or until your passport expires. 

If you are coming to Canada as an international student or temporary worker from a visa-exempt country, the Canadian government will automatically issue you an eTA with your work or study permit. 

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