9 Reasons to Immigrate to Canada in 2023

Now that you're looking at immigrating to Canada, you might be wondering why other newcomers have chosen to come here. Today, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration physicians discuss business, economic and social reasons to consider the Great White North. 

Why should I immigrate to Canada?

If you're considering immigrating to Canada in 2023, you're likely looking at the country's list of requirements and wondering if it's worth it. The answer is a resounding "yes!"

Many newcomers set their sights on Canada - not only for its education system, healthcare and multicultural population, but also for its stunning wilderness and nature spots, political stability and relatively stable economy. Now that we've talked about how to immigrate to Canada, including top Canadian Immigration Programs, Canadian Citizenship Requirements and ways to move to Canada without work experience, our immigration physicians in Ottawa and Orleans explore 9 reasons why people are immigrating to Canada this year. 

1. Canada is safe and offers a high quality of life.  

As one of the world's most prosperous countries, Canada offers a high quality of life and standard of living to its citizens, including a highly respected education system, healthcare and a strong economy. We also have one of the lowest crime rates in the world. 

These are popular reasons many immigrants give for coming to Canada, along with joining family and friends and getting to enjoy relative peace and freedom of expression, not to mention some wonderful opportunities to explore nature and outdoor landscapes year-round. 

2. Canada's economy and banking system are stable. 

Known as one of the world's most economically stable countries, Canada has bounced back relatively well from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And while the United States has seen their share of bank crises, Canada's banking system remains relatively stable as the largest market share here is held by six banks, in addition to the Desjardins Group. Canada's banking system is also regulated and our banks are better capitalized than their peers in the U.S., along with having more liquidity. 

The country's labour force continues to grow by a small amount every year due to immigration, and newcomers can find jobs to fit their qualifications and preferences. This results in immigrants filling labour market gaps. 

3. The breathtaking scenery provides a beautiful backdrop to life in a new country. 

From the Northern Lights that light up the skies above the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Alberta and Quebec to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, the world famous Niagara Falls and more, Canada offers stunning natural beauty to appreciate.

Whether you're sightseeing in your own province or setting off on an adventure to explore some wonders of nature, you may often find yourself awestruck. 

4. We take pride in our stable, democratic political system. 

Canada ranks highly on the Economist Intelligence Unit's World Democracy Index, nabbing the fifth spot in 2020 - ahead of all North American countries. There is relatively little political unrest in the country and we take pride in the fact that our leaders are elected democratically. Canadians can also lobby for change, protest and elect different parties if they are dissatisfied with their current government. 

5. Canadians enjoy access to healthcare services you won't find elsewhere. 

Healthcare is an important cornerstone of most people's lives, and being able to visit a doctor when necessary is key to remaining healthy, contributing to the workforce and society and maintaining quality of life. As an immigrant to Canada, you'll have access to healthcare.

6. Canada is one of the world's most inclusive countries. 

Canada's diverse workforce is one point of pride for our citizens. It's true that both temporary and permanent residents are attracted to the country for its hiring and career opportunities. 

This is a signal that a wide range of industries may be seeking workers for numerous positions. You may want to review the Government of Canada's Job Bank for openings ranging from line cook to electrical engineer, bookkeeper, administrative officer and technical support analyst. 

7. Canada's education system is one of the best. 

Among many other things, we are also at the front of the pack for language training. English and French are our two official languages. All students in Canada are required to learn both English and French and be able to communicate proficiently in either. Other popular languages include Spanish. Post-secondary educational opportunities are also available at the country's 100+ public and private colleges and universities. 

If you'd like to immigrate to our country and use its top-notch education system, the Canada Express Entry Sytstem can help you do this. Anyone who wants to move to Canada to apply to study in the country can benefit from the program and gain CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) points. Since getting an education in Canada can increase your score, your chances of gaining permanent residency also increase. Whether you or your children are studying at a college or university here, your entire household can benefit from gaining permanent residency in Canada. 

8. Canada is friendly to immigrants and supports immigration to Canada. 

To balance out an aging population and fulfill labour demands, Canada has taken a pro-immigration stance over the last number of years. Fortunately, this has lead to the Canadian government creating many new pathways to help newcomers immigrate to Canada. 

Express Entry is one of the most popular immigration pathways. By entering the Express Entry pool (which is free to do), you'll not only have an opportunity to apply for Canadian immigration but you may also receive a nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) if you are an eligible candidate. This can significantly increase your chances of receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. 

9. The country's leading industries are growing. 

As technology evolves at an increasingly fast pace across the world, Canada is poised to capitalize on the economic boom as we adapt to emerging technologies such as cloud and security services, analytics and artificial intelligence. 

The Toronto-Waterloo Corridor is the largest technology cluster in North America outside of Silicon Valley. Other leading industries include service, manufacturing, natural resources, mining, commercial banking, and travel and tourism. Many immigrants are well-positioned to work in these and adjacent industries. 

Immigrating to Canada in 2023

Once you've added Canada on your list of countries to consider immigrating to and researched what we have to offer compared to other countries in North America and across the world, you'll likely want to know more about the ins and outs of coming here, including the immigration medical exam process

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