Best Places to Live in Canada for Families in 2023

If you've successfully completed your permanent resident application and have been invited to move to Canada, you may be wondering about the best places to live in Canada. Today, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration physicians list some of the best places to live in Canada in 2023. 

When thinking about where you and your family will live in Canada, you'll likely be considering a wide variety of factors. Convenient access to public transit, quality education (including elementary, high school and post-secondary schools), affordability, quality of life, culture and more. 

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association, home prices in Canada's housing market peaked in February 2022. Since then, prices have fallen due to the impacts of higher Canadian interest rates. As of March 2023, the national average home price of $686,371 was still 14% lower compared to last year. Multiple Bank of Canada rate hikes have caused Canadian mortgage rates and prime rates to rise, tempering housing demand. That said, the monthly average home price has risen in most provinces. 

The Best Places to Live in Canada 2023 

The 'best' place for families to live in Canada is somewhat subjective and may be different for each depending on their values and what is most important to them in their new home. That said, here are 5 excellent options for anyone hoping to bring their family to Canada to live. 

Trois Rivières, Quebec

This city's high standard of living, low cost, beautiful outdoors and reportedly low crime rate makes it a popular attraction for families. 

Other popular cities in Quebec include Sherbrooke, which is known for its mix of urban and natural spaces and low cost of living, and Quebec City. The second city's culture, nature, modern atmosphere and safety contribute to its reputation. 

Ottawa, Ontario 

Families with kids have flocked to Ottawa for its safety index, median house price, average household income and number of daycares. Canada's capital city also boasts more than 1,300 parks. 

Toronto, Ontario

Another city that attracts a large number of families with kids, Toronto boasts a high number of daycares and parks, with over 1,500 of these green spaces across the city. 

The median house price and median monthly daycare costs in Ontario's capital city are each lower than many other major cities in Canada. The city also has great public transportation, community centres and hospitals. 

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island  

While Prince Edward Island is often overshadowed by larger Canadian provinces such as Ontario and British Columbia, this small island has a lot to offer families and nature lovers. 

Canada's least populated and smallest province forms part of the Canadian maritime, and features delicious fresh seafood, rolling green hills and red sand beaches. Charlottetown is one of its major cities and is known for its affordability. 

This city also features a diverse range of amenities, from shops and restaurants to picturesque beaches and hiking trails. 

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

A popular choice for many immigrants, Winnipeg is known as the Gateway to the West and connects Ontario to Canada's Prairie provinces. Manitoba's capital city (and the largest city in the province) offers an affordable cost of living while boasting big city charm. 

Its diverse, multicultural population and affordable housing are also attracting new buyers. Plus, Manitoba is a great province to find work, particularly in the business, healthcare, education, finance and tech industries.

In fact, the financial service sector is one of the largest in the country and some of Canada's biggest insurance companies and investment firms are headquartered here. In 2022, Winnipeg's economy was rated as one of the fastest growing among Canada's major cities and boasts low-cost housing and rent options. 

You'll find that most cities are clean, safe and have a good sense of community. Be cautious of Manitoba's cold winter weather, but if you like snow, Winnipeg will be a winter Wonderland. That said, it is one of the sunniest Canadian cities with gorgeous scenery and nice summers. 

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 

One of Canada's fastest growing cities, Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan with a population of 273,000. 

Known for its vibrant neighbourhoods, incredible food landscape and diverse communities, Saskatoon boasts a downtown that has a community-based atmosphere and is welcoming to newcomers. You'll find a lot of communal living here. 

Often referred to as the Paris of the Praries, Saskatoon features many bridges that cross over the Saskatchewan River, plus a weekly farmer's market, public parks, playgrounds and sports areas. The city takes its unique name from a Cree word that means "place of many berries" and is known for desserts crafted with the Saskatoon berry. 

While the low cost of living attracts many young people and families, the city's extreme freezing winters are one of its only drawbacks; if the weather gets too severe, life can come to a halt. 

How to Choose the Best City in Canada for You 

For anyone moving to Canada, the country offers almost everything in terms of city living; bustling urban landscapes, rural oases where you can get away from it all, nature and green spaces to offer a place for rejuvenation after a busy day at the office, multicultural events and communities, and much more. Here are some questions to consider while you decide:

  • Will you be working from home or do you need to work on-location? 
  • Are you planning on staying at your current job or switching jobs/careers? Which cities have the highest job vacancies/most diverse economy?
  • Would you like to live in a big, vibrant city or be surrounded by nature?
  • How many languages do you speak? English and French are Canada's official languages. 
  • Is the cost of living in your chosen city in line with your income or budget?
  • Are you renting an apartment or buying a house?
  • What about healthcare, schools, daycares, restaurants and other amenities and services?

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