How to Prepare for Immigration Medical Exams

Preparation is half the battle. The same is true when it comes to booking your Immigration Medical Exam. Today, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration physicians explain what to do at each step so you can submit your application with confidence. 

What is an Immigration Medical Exam (IME)?

Many people applying for status in Canada as permanent residents, visitors, temporary workers or students will need to take a medical exam for immigration. 

That said, it's not enough to simply be aware you need to take the exam - you'll also want to prepare for every step of the process and for your appointment itself. 

This involves scheduling your Immigration Medical Exam at the right time, bringing the appropriate documents and other items, and being prepared to pay your fees will help to avoid delays and allow you to feel at ease when submitting your completed application. 

In this post, you'll you'll learn what to do during each of these steps. We'll also explain how to include the results of your Canadian Immigration Medical Exam with your application. 

When should I book my Immigration Medical Exam?

Did you know that not every individual applying for immigration status in Canada should book their Immigration Medical Exam at the same time? When you need to book yours depends on how you plan to enter the country. 

Permanent Residents in the Express Entry Program 

Book your Immigration Medical Exam before submitting your application. Only a doctor on the approved list of panel physicians can perform this exam. 

Our experienced Panel Physicians at Immigration Physician Ottawa are approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to conduct medical exams. 

We can guide you through each step of the process and offer all the services you need at our clinic, including X-rays and blood or urine tests, so you can complete these tests in a one-stop shop environment on the same day. 

Contact one of our two locations to schedule an exam with our qualified doctors. 

PR Sponsorship for Partners, Spouses & Children 

Don't book your Immigration Medical Exam in advance for any of these categories related to family sponsorship. You'll receive specific instructions from the Government of Canada about how to book your exam (if you require one) once you've submitted your application. 


A Border Services Officer will tell you to get your Immigration Medical Exam when you arrive at a point of entry into Canada and claim refugee status. You'll need to do this within 30 days of entering Canada. 

Other Applicants for Permanent Residency 

After you've submitted your applications, the Government of Canada will send you instructions on how to book your Immigration Medical Exam. You'll be required to complete these instructions within 30 days of receiving them. 

Students, Visitors & Temporary Workers 

Some individuals will apply for a visa instead of permanent residency. In these cases you may not need an Immigration Medical Exam if you are staying in Canada for less than 6 months. 

That said, if you are staying longer than 6 months or will be in close contact with people at your job, you'll need to submit your visa application and the results of your medical exam. 

Agricultural workers who have visited certain countries in recent months may also require an Immigration Medical Exam. See the Government of Canada's website for more information about booking an IME if you are planning to come to Canada as a student, visitor or temporary worker. 

What should I bring to my Immigration Medical Exam?

You'll need to bring several documents and other items no matter when or how you schedule your Immigration Medical Exam. These include:

  • Government-issued photo identification with your signature (usually a national identity card or passport) 
  • Medical reports and test results for previous or current conditions 
  • A list of medications you're currently taking 
  • Any corrective lenses (contacts or glasses) you use to see clearly 

If you are not required to complete an Immigration Medical Exam before applying for Permanent Residency, you'll need to complete form IMM1017E. You'll receive this form in the mail from the Government of Canada if you need to complete it. 

You'll also need to provide 4 recent photos of yourself if your panel physician does not use eMedical. 

Preparing to Pay for Your Immigration Medical Exam 

You'll need to pay several fees to complete an Immigration Medical Exam, including: 

  • Fees charged by your panel physician and/or radiologist 
  • Extra test or treatment fees (when required) 
  • Fees for specialists you may need to see 

The price of your Immigration Medical Exam will be determined by your age. 

How should I include the results of my Immigration Medical Exam with my application?

If you scheduled and completed your Immigration Medical Exam after sending in your application, you won't have anything else to do. Your panel physician will let you know about any abnormal results. Otherwise, you can wait for your application to be processed. 

If you need to complete your Immigration Medical Exam before sending in your application, you'll need to include a copy of the IMM 1017B (the Upfront Medical Report Form) when you submit it. 

If you are applying from outside Canada, you'll need to come within 12 months of submitting your application. Your results will no longer be valid after this timeframe. 

Book Your Medical Exam With an Approved Panel Physician at Immigration Physician Ottawa

If you need to book your Immigration Medical Exam near Ottawa, we're here to help you schedule, complete and submit your test as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to speak with a team member who can tell you more or book your appointment. 

Do have questions about how to prepare for an Immigration Medical Exam? Our doctors at Immigration Physician Ottawa can help. We can  provide health exams and certifications, and address questions and concerns, as required. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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