Top 7 Benefits of Living in Canada

Top 7 Benefits of Living in Canada

Are you interested in becoming a permanent resident in Canada? Who could blame you? The country has a well-deserved reputation for welcoming immigrants as permanent residents and new citizens, offering a number of benefits to people who live in the country as a permanent resident. Here, our Ottawa and Orleans immigration doctors explain more. 

If you are considering applying for permanent residence (or PR) in Canada in order to move and live there - either on your own or with your family - you probably have some idea of what some of the benefits offered to those living in the country. Here, the immigration physicians at our Ottawa and Orleans immigration clinics provide 7 of the benefits offered to those who live in Canada as permanent residents. 

1. The Right to Live and Work in Canada

As a permanent resident in Canada, people have the right to live where the wish and work  for their own benefit. 

This means that barring special requirements in your permanent residence application, you are not required to stay in one place and in once job while you are a permanent resident in the country. You may move - so long as you register your new address with the government - and find new work as needed.

2. The Ability to Sponser Family Immigration

People who are already permanent residents in Canada are able to enter into an immigration program - so long as they are above the ages of 18 - to "sponsor," or assist, their close family members in their own permanent resident applications. 

If you will be around to help take care of a parent, spouse or child if they are successful in pursuing permanent residence, Canadian Immigration will take that into consideration. People are more likely to be successful, add to the economy, and engage in their communities when they have their families around to support them. 

3. Extend or Renew Permanent Residence After 5 Years

Most permanent residences have an expiry date 5 years after they are awarded to an individual. However, you can apply for your permanent residence to be renewed before that time!

If you can prove that you are continuing to add to the Canadian community and are being productive, you will likely be awarded with an extension to your permanent residence. There are no guarantees, but many people are able to renew their permanent residence many times. 

4. Apply for Citizenship after 3 Years

After 30 continuous years of living in Canada as a permanent resident, you are able to apply for Canadian citizenship. 

This extra step provides you with its own wide array of benefits and responsibilities, and unlike a permanent residence, doesn't require renewal!

5. Find Affordable Education for Your Children

As part of Canada's commitment to education, it offers free education for children of permanent residents for both elementary and secondary schools!

If your child is interested in applying to college or university after completing secondary school, permanent residents are required to pay much less expensive tuition fees when compared to international students at Canadian post-secondary institutions.

6. Receive Affordable Medical Care

As a permanent resident in Canada, you would have the right to apply for the country's universal medical care system. The details of this application will depend on the region of Canada that you live in, but generally speaking health coverage in Canada is funded by taxes and covers prescription medicines and doctor visits. 

7. Enjoy the Natural Wonders of the Country

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and spans the entire continent of North America. Because of this, there is a diverse range of natural wonders a beauty for you to experience while living there. 

From the tall mountains in the west to the deep forests of Ontario, Manitoba and Quebec, to the Great Lakes and the music of the Atlantic Coast, there is lots to discover and plenty of places to find your home and community.

Are you considering applying for permanent residence in Canada? The doctors at Immigration Physician Ottawa are able to provide you with support, including health certificates and immigration medical exams. Contact us today to book an appointment and to learn more.


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