Everything You Need To Know About The Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Everything You Need To Know About The Canadian Permanent Resident Card

A Canadian Permanent Resident Card is available for people who live and work in Canada, but who are not citizens. This card is used while travelling to and from Canada in addition to your passport in order to prove that you hold permanent resident status in Canada. Here, our Ottawa and Orleans doctors explain everything you need to know.

So, you have filled out all of the initial documentation for Canadian Permanent Resident status, have been invited to apply by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship and have successfully become a permanent resident of Canada.

But, what about your Permanent Resident (or PR) Card? This piece of identification can be incredibly important to giving you access to some of the benefits offered through permanent residence in Canada, especially travel. Here, our immigration physicians explain how long it takes to receive your permanent residency card in Canada, the processing times of new applications and more.

Like many other forms of Canadian identification, the PR card requires renewal every few years. Your Permanent Resident Card will have its expiry date listed along the bottom, 5 years from being issued. You will be responsible for keeping an eye on your PR Card's expiry date and applying for renewal as the expiry date approaches.

Receiving Your Care Through Your Permanent Residence Application

The first method of getting your hands on your permanent residency card is through your final Canadian permanent residence application. After sending in your initial application and then being invited to apply from the pool of prospective Canadian permanent residents, you will have to wait for 4 - 6 months for your Canadian permanent residency.

After being successfully selected to be a Canadian Permanent Resident, you should receive your Permanent Residence card within 180 days of immigrating into the country by mail, delivered to your permanent Canadian address.

If you don't receive your card within this timeframe, you will have to fill out the IRCC's Application to get, renew or replace a Permanent Resident Card.

Applying to Get, Renew or Replace Your Permanent Resident Card

If, as mentioned above, you didn't get your PR card within the timeline specified by IRCC on their website, or down the road you have lost your PR card, need or need to renew it, you will need to fill out an application. This application can also be used if you need to either change the gender listed on your card or reclaim your Indigenous name.

Get, Renew, or Replace Your Permanent Resident Card

On the Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada website, there are two resources available for people looking to apply for a PR card: A set of instructions that must be reviewed in full (including a list of documentation that must be assembled in addition to your application), and the application forms themselves

What Are The Processing Times for PR Card Applications?

The processing times for renewing your permanent resident card are not set in stone. IRCC specifies that, unless you need to replace your card because of loss or damage, change your gender, or reclaim your name, you should not apply to renew or replace your PR card any time earlier than 9 months before its expiry. 

If you qualify for urgent processing, your permanent resident card renewal can be expedited, however, there are strict limits on who qualifies for urgent processing. In order to qualify for urgent processes, you need to be doing one of the following within the next 3 months:

  • Travelling because of your own serious illness.
  • Travelling because of the serious illness or death of a family member.
  • Travelling because of work requirements.

Whether you qualify for urgent processing or not, the best way to shorten processing times when applying to renew your Canadian Permanent Residence Card is by ensuring you follow the instructions provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada closely and include all required documentation and fees with your application.

Are you going to have to apply for a replacement or renewal of your Canadian Permanent Resident Card soon? The doctors at Immigration Physician Ottawa can explain any medical procedures and tests that you might need to include in your applications. Contact us today to learn more.


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