The Canadian Immigration Medical Exam: The Process and Cost

The Canadian Immigration Medical Exam: The Process and Cost

You have found a certified Panel Physician that can administer your Immigration Medical Exam who you can conveniently reach and have scheduled an appointment. But what is actually involved in one of these exams? Here, our Ottawa and Orleans team of doctors explains the process of undergoing a medical exam for immigration as well as how much it costs.

The Immigration Medical Exam (also called an IME) is a key part of the immigration process when applying for permanent residency, work in clinical or laboratory environments, or long-term visits to Canada. But you may not know what is involved in the process of receiving an IME from a certified Panel Physician.

Here are a few things you should remember for and an explanation of the Immigration Medical Exam Process, like the ones administered at .


When leaving to visit the Panel Physician's office that will be administering your Immigration Medical Exam, you will be required to bring some documentation with you. This can include:

  • At least one government-issued document that contains both your photograph and your signature. This can include a passport, national identity card, or (if you are receiving your exam in Canada) a Canadian driver's license.
  • Any test results or reports detailing any previous or existing medical conditions you are experiencing.
  • A list of medications you are currently taking.
  • If you aren't getting an upfront medical exam, you will need to bring in your IRCC-issues Medical Report form (IMM 1017E).
  • If the panel physician doesn’t use eMedical, you must bring 4 recent photographs. Contact the panel physician before your appointment to find out if this is the case.

There are also a couple of optional things you can bring with you, including:

  • Any proof of previous vaccination for COVID-19, if you have one.
  • Eye glasses or contact lenses, if you wear them.

If you aren't sure what kind of documentation you should bring, contact the Panel Physical who will be administering your exam and find out what they will need from you and receive explanations of where to find the required documents. 

The Exam

You have a number of rights that you should be aware of throughout the IME process. You can have a chaperone at any time throughout the exam. You may also request a medical staff remain in the room with you and your Panel Physician, for the exam to stop at any point so you can ask a question and stop the exam to request a chaperone regardless of whether or not you initially refused one.

When you arrive at the immigration medical clinic, you will have to show the Panel Physician your government-issued identification. Depending on the diagnostic tests that will be required, you may have to present this piece of identification again, so it's generally a good idea to keep it on hand throughout the process.

Medical Questionnaire

The Panel Physician will walk through a medical history questionnaire with you, filling it out to get a sense of your overall health and well-being throughout your life. They will ask you about any pre-existing medical conditions you have as well as what medications you are currently taking.

It's critical that you disclose this information to your Panel Physician, otherwise the Immigration Medical Exam process may take much longer. 

Physical Exam

After filling out the medical questionnaire, your Panel Physician will conduct a comprehensive physical exam to determine your overall physical health. These tests can include:

  • weigh you
  • measure your height
  • listen to your heart and lungs
  • check your hearing and vision
  • take your blood pressure
  • look at your skin
  • feel your abdomen
  • feel your pulse
  • check how your limbs move

Your doctor will never examine your rectal or genital areas. These are not covered by the Immigration Medical Exam.

Depending on the results of this assessment, your age and your condition, your Panel Physician may ask you to undergo further diagnostic testing. These can include x-rays and laboratory results that may be produced at a hospital or clinic. This is routine screening. If your doctor identifies anything concerning, they may also refer you to a specialist for further testing. It's important that you follow up with the referred specialist as soon as possible to avoid delaying the IME process.

Immigration Medical Exam Cost

You are responsible for paying the fees of your Immigration Medical Exam, including the initial exam as well as any additional diagnostics or specialist referrals that may be required. 

The final cost will vary based on what diagnostics are required and on the Panel Physician administering your IME. At , the cost of an Immigration Medical Exam can range from $150 CAD to $280 CAD, depending on the age and health of the exam's recipient. Always ask about the cost of your Immigration Medical Exam ahead of time. 

Are you looking for an Immigration Medical Exam in the Ottawa area? The team of medical professionals at Immigration Physician Ottawa are here to help. Contact us today at one of our two clinics to learn more about the process, how much it will cost you and to book your appointment.


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